Trigo Global Ltd is a dynamic company established in 2018 to meet the growing demand for reliable solutions in the oil and gas industry.

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Erbil: New Azadi (Atconz) Villa R1/149 Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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Lighting Services

Trigo Global Ltd offers comprehensive lighting services to illuminate various environments, including streets, construction sites, and event venues. Whether you need lighting solutions for safety, visibility, or ambiance, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your requirements.

Our lighting services include:

  1. Street Lighting: Illumination solutions for roads, highways, and public spaces to enhance safety and visibility for pedestrians and motorists.

  2. Construction Site Lighting: Temporary lighting solutions for construction sites to ensure safe working conditions and maximize productivity during nighttime operations.

  3. Event Lighting: Customized lighting setups for events, exhibitions, and gatherings to create captivating atmospheres and enhance the overall experience for attendees.

  4. Hospitality Lighting: Lighting solutions for hospitality venues such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants to create inviting and comfortable environments for guests.

  5. Fencing and Barriers: In addition to lighting, we also provide fencing and barriers for crowd control, traffic management, and event security.

At Trigo Global Ltd, we prioritize efficiency, safety, and aesthetics in our lighting solutions. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide tailored lighting designs and installations to meet your requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your lighting needs, and let us help you illuminate your space with our professional lighting services.

Trigo Global ltd is a young and dynamic company that was established in 2018 to support the oil and gas industrial increasing demand in the region.

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